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Framing Punchneedle Project How To's

Click Here to download and print!

STEP 1: Iron around the finished punchneedle.

STEP 2: On the backside of the punchneedle, use a square ruler to center the design within your frame opening. In this example we are framing to a 5”x7” frame opening.

STEP 3: Using a rotary cutter and ruler cut around the drawn line at 1.5” out on all four sides.

STEP 4: Using a ruler with a 45° angle. Miter all four corners.

STEP 5: Make a copy of the back of the punchneedle to be used as a pattern for the wool.

STEP 6: Lay the photocopy on a light box, cover with freezer paper shiny side down. Mark a line around the punchneedle and the outside edge.

STEP 7: Iron freezer paper onto wool shiny side down.

STEP 8: Cut wool and freezer paper on outside line.

STEP 9: Cut out opening of freezer paper and wool using small pointed scissors.

STEP 10: Remove freezer paper from wool.

STEP 11: Place wool on front of the punchneedle, fitting around the finished work.

STEP 12: Pin in place.

STEP 13: Using a running stitch, sew around punchneedle ¼” from edge.

This is what the back should look like.

STEP 14: Peal paper backing off of sticky mounting board. We are using a 5”x7” piece.

STEP 15: Line up sticky mounting board with outer drawn line, sticky side down.

STEP 16: Press in place with caution; removing the sticky mounting board can cause the punchneedle to pull out.

STEP 17: Fold each miter corner back and stitch together.

STEP 18: Insert into frame

We hope this helped frame your finished punchneedle!

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